While Kristine slept…Victoria went wandering, finding a Tour of Literary Windsor on my agenda.

Queen Victoria was the first literary figure we discussed. The Queen not only wrote extensively; she was also an accomplished artist in water colors.
On the High Street we found a plaque honoring H. G. Wells who worked here in 1880.
On a wall near the castle, a sign commemorates Mrs. Delaney, an artist, and Fanny Burney, noted novelist and playwright.

Ye Olde King’s Head dates from the time of Henry VIII and was reputedly the home of Shakespeare while he wrote The Merry Wives of Windsor. 

Above and below, home of poet and hymnist S. J. Stone (1836-1900). One of his most famous is “The Church’s One Foundation,” 1866

The tour at the gateway to the park Bachelors Acre which honors 
editor and publisher Charles Knight (1791-1873

Map of the park

A quiet day in Bachelors Acres

Above and below Joseph Chariott’s House; the Victorian philanthropist built many almshouses in Windsor.

Our last stop was Oliphant House, residence of Margaret Oliphant, a 19th century novelist and historian who lived here in Clarence Crescent; she wrote more than 120 books.

It was time now to pack up and depart Windsor, Kristine’s misery not withstanding. We decided to take a taxi to our next stop in Hampstead-  quite a long ride, but efficiently accomplished as we prepared ourselves for more adventures ahead.


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