From the Journal of Mrs. Arbuthnot, March 24, 1822

      The Duke (of Wellington) told us a good story he heard from Lady Cowper (above). When she was at Brighton the King talked to her of her mother, Lady Melbourne (by whom the King was supposed to have had a son, Geo Lamb) and said he used, during her last illness, to walk across the parade to her house every day, see her constantly and said that at last she died in his arms!! Lady Cowper knowing all the time that for the last ten days of her mother’s life she never was out of her room and that, so far from the King calling to see her or having her die in his arms, he never even sent to enquire after her. This is lying with a vengeance!

4 thoughts on “LYING WITH A VENGEANCE”

  1. It is said that GEO IV was subject to such delusions as that he had actively fought in battles or had done other things. He seems to have had these confusions in just part of his life. Fortunately, the days of absolute kingship were passed so he couldn't do too much damage. But then, I doubt he could have done as much damage as the parliament accomplished .

  2. Actually, Prinny once regaled his dinner guests with tales of how he'd fought at the Battle of Waterloo. Perhaps it would have seemed less outrageous if the Duke of Wellington hadn't been among the guests. When Prinny put him on the spot by asking the Duke to back up his claims, to tell the assembled company that he had secretly been there, and had fought there, Wellington said, the only thing he could, "If you say so, Sir."

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