Many of you have commented on the amount of things Victoria and I seem to cram into each and every day whenever we’re in London. It’s true – we’re on a mission, we’re only there for a period of time and we want to see and experience all that we can. More often than not, we forget that we’re only human (and of a certain age) and so we push ourselves,expecting our bodies to respond to all we ask of it and expecting no unwanted consequences in return.  Boy, are we surprised when, by the end of a busy day, we become aware of our bodies balking at the onslaught and teaching us a lesson by making us aware of aches, pains and diminished energy. Our feet, naturally, become the biggest complainers. Slowly, over the course of a day, the toll on our bodies becomes evident, especially in the way we walk.

Having a distinctive walk of one’s own is not always a bad thing. After all, there have been many famous walks through history – there’s the Cake Walk of the 1940’s

The Camel Walk
The Crip Walk
And of course the Moon Walk
Unfortunately, the walk Victoria and I tend to develop by day’s end is not quite so pretty. It’s a gait that comes from sore backs, aching hips and, the biggest culprit, sore feet. All those elements combine to have a strange effect on our gait at the end of a London sightseeing day.  You can watch it here.  Yes, dear Reader, Victoria and I are now officially The Chimp Sisters, at least when we’re in England. 

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