What could be more exciting than a day in London?  How about a day at the Palace?

Kristine and Victoria were joined by author Diane Gaston and her sister Marilyn Gaston for a whole day exploring Buckingham Palace and vicinity.

Buckingham Palace on Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

On Sunday we had wandered around on the traffic-free all, enjoying pedestrian freedom from the rush of busses, lorries and cars. What a great idea, London, to have this every Sunday.

The Victoria Memorial
On Tuesday, once Diane and Marilyn had a good night’s sleep, we four arrived at the Palace for our Royal Day Out, cleverly booked in advance by Kristine.  Starting at the Royal Mews, we were dazzled by carriages, a lime, even a few horses.  Our guide was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions, except “Could we go for a spin?”

Top, the Coronation Coach; above our guide  in the stables
After promising ourselves to return to the fantastic gift shop, we went on to the next venue on our Royal Day Out. the Queen’s Gallery, exhibiting selections from the Royal Collection related to the reigns of the first two Georges: The First Georgians: Art and Monarchy 1714-1760.  2014 marks the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the House of Hanover on the British Throne. For more information, click here.
Studio of Sir Godfrey Kneller: George I, portrayed as Defender of the Faith
Rubens, The Holy Family with St. Francis, 1620-30
Above, one of the many  treasures acquired (in 1723) by the first Georges, a continuing the collecting tradition of the British monarchs.
The final and greatly anticipated part of our Royal Day Out  was the tour of the Palace itself.
The White Drawing Room
No pictures are allowed inside the State Rooms, alas.  To see pictures of the State Rooms. click here
Interspersed among the other treasures are photos and objects from A Royal Childhood, including many family films. For more information, click here.

Once through the Palace, visitors leave by the Bow Room and go into the garden where many large white tents hold gift shops, a cafe and other facilities. Finally, an opportunity for some snaps!

We headed through the garden and took many more pictures…

A patch of Autumn Crocus

What could be prettier and more serene in the midst of London?

After a  most satisfying and educational Royal Day Out, we rushed off for some more refreshment — naturally! 

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