Victoria here.  I love to travel.  Any place, anytime. 

As long as it starts or ends in London.

Big Ben

 Buckingham Palace Gate

 I travel for fun, to study history and biographies of famous people, to sort out the eccentricities of the natives and the visitors alike, and — I admit it — to peruse the  gift shops wherever I go.  Ordinarily I am not a very good shopper.  To me, most shopping is in the ERRAND category, to be dispensed with quickly and with a minimum of fuss.  BUT!  Not so when I am in a museum…or a stately home…or a cathedral…or a palace…or in Liberty of London.

Liberty Exterior

Interior, Liberty, Regent Street

Trying for a shot of Apsley House

I love to take lots of pictures, abetted by the wonders of the digital camera, with which you can delete any picture you don’t like immediately and try it again.  Snap, snap, snap.  Of course, my husband tells me I have way too many pictures and that I will soon fill up my hard disk, but I can’t wait to be at it again.  He especially laughs at all the flower and garden pictures I take.  A rose is a rose is a rose, he says.  But I know that one rose comes from Cadogan Square.

Cadogan Square

Or from the heart of Bloomsbury:

Gordon Square

Or from Windsor Castle.

Garden at Windsor Castle 

Another one comes from Hatfield House!  No two are the same. 

The Old Palace, Hatfield

Another favorite of mine is wisteria.  I can’t resist grabbing the camera and shooting away when I encounter those dripping purple blossoms.

Old Palace, Hatfield

And did I mention how much I love to browse in the gift shops?  We all know that every one of those items is probably available on line — and if I ordered it, I wouldn’t have to crowd my suitcase with new possessions.  But I am helpless in the face of that sign: This Way to the  Gift Shop.


I love to visit in the winter…

Eastwell Manor, Kent


bluebells and rhododendrons at Bowood, Wiltshire


Old Palace at Hatfield House

…and autumn 

Sheffield Park, East Sussex 

I love to visit castles

Bodiam Castle, Sussex


Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire 

…Stately Homes

Bowood, Wiltshire 



Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire


Chippingham, Wiltshire 


 British Library, St. Pancras Station and Hotel, London

…Roman Sites

Chedworth Roman Villa

…Medieval sites

Cothele, Cornwall


…Tudor sites

Hampton Court Palace

…Georgian sites

Kew Palace

…Regency Sites

Brighton Pavilion

…Victorian Sites

Highclere Castle

…Small Museums

The Salisbury Museum, Wiltshire

…Huge Museums

The British Museum

 …Art Galleries

The Wallace Collection, Manchester Square

And did I mention gift shops?

Of course, I also love the food.

Fish n’ Chips

…The Ubiquitous Full English Breakfast

Well, at least a little of it!

…Sunday Roast

with Yorkshire pudding and veg

…Tea in all varieties

Pump Room Champagne Tea, Bath

…and the ultimate in shopping for the gourmets and gourmands among us, Fortnum and Mason.

Fortnum and Mason, Piccadilly
Fortnum and Mason Window

Best of all: Bookstores!

Hatchards, Piccadilly

Sorry, I can’t add more now —

too busy browsing the shelves!  See you in England!!

Hugs, Victoria



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