Welcome – you are reading our 1,000th post! If you’ve arrived at this page, you must share our interest in all things Georgian, Regency and Victorian, as well as our passion for the England of today. How many of the 999 previous blog posts we’ve published have you read?  Have you been with us from the start in March 2010?

When we first began this blog, we had no idea how central it would become to our lives…almost everything that happens to either of us is considered possible fodder for a post.   Articles in magazines and newspapers, art exhibitions, books, dinners, plays, concerts, movies, interesting tweets, our travels, our husbands …would it work for Number One London?  A London connection — anything vaguely British will do.

But we’ve also learned a lot from our wanderings on the web and elsewhere. Geography and history foremost among them.  Eccentricities are our favorite — or wait!  Maybe posts on actors from the old days.  Or do we really prefer some of the new actors like Benedict or Jude or Orlando.  Double wait — what about Colin and Sean and Alan?
But let’s get back to the basics.  We like to research, write, and dream about the Duke of Wellington.
And now we’re planning and leading the Duke of Wellington Tour next September.  You are cordially invited to accompany us, meeting up on the 4th of September in London, and visiting around Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire until we depart on September 14 from Windsor, with transfers to Heathrow included. For all the details, click here.

Highclere Castle, aka Downton Abbey

Counting our shared 2010 trip to Britain and the Battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium, we’ve reported on six trips to England…sharing our pictures and experiences with our readers. 

At the site of the Battle of Waterloo, Belgium, 2010 with the Duke

Here’s the post that got us started:

If you’ve arrived at this page, you must share our interest in all things Georgian, Regency and Victorian, as well as our passion for the England of today.

Having written The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England, Kristine Hughes has spent the last several years researching her next book, a true opus that will focus on fashionable daily life as experienced by the ladies of London 1700 – 1900.  Victoria Hinshaw has published eight Regency-set novels and three novellas with Kensington Zebra. She is working on several more projects associated with the Georgian era but she admits to a real delight in the Victorian period, since it is hers. Whatever motivated her parents to choose the name Victoria, she has always believed that there exsists a mystical tie between the Great Queen and her.

Victoria and Kristine originally named this blog Research England, for that is their vocation and avocation. But they are not deeply academic, and their mischevious senses of humor crept into their posts. So they decided to start over as Number One London. They promise lots of research oriented material, considerable travel  reporting, and amusing incidents, all accompanied by occasional asides, nonsense and bon mots.

Kristine has been planning to attend the re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo near Brussels for some years now. The 2010 event has always been her goal and the year has finally arrived – Huzza! The trip will be even more wonderful now that Victoria Hinshaw will be joining her and they’ll be spending several days in London before taking the Dover ferry to Calais. Oh, how they wish they weren’t many decades too late to call upon poor Mr. Brummell while they’re in France! Look for blogs and details about their upcoming adventures both before, during and after the magical days of June 2010.

Victoria and Kristine look forward to making your aquaintance. Please visit often!

 Have we succeeded?  Let us know!
How we look when at The Pub together
How we look when we are in England together.*
*Sir Thomas Lawrence, The Fullerton Sisters

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  1. I've followed you since the moment I found you, which may be two years ago or more. I love the mixture of interesting and scholarly information with fun and lovely illustrations and photos. I particularly enjoy details of your trips, especially when you visit the UK, as then personal information and humour and added to the winning formula!

  2. Helena – We are SO looking forward to finally meeting you in September and to thanking you personally for your support over the years. It means the world to us!

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