A Couple In England – Google Maps

Holy crow, am I tired! I have been walking the length and breadth of London and I haven’t even gotten there yet. I’m using Google maps streetview. Do you know about this invention? I knew that it existed, but have never used it so extensively, nor so amusingly, before. I’ve been plotting our every move through the streets of Town in preparation for our visit in December. And in the wake of doing so, I’ve been making some minor adjustments to our route(s).

When Victoria and I are in London together, we give nary a thought to the amount of walking we do on any given day. We walked miles the last time we were there, given that it was Open Garden Squares week and we were determined to see a good many of them. Alas, my Husband is not a big walker. Thus, it was a good thing that I used Google streetview to plot the extensive, nay exhaustive, itinerary I’d planned for us. It’s a fairly good walk from Half Moon Street, where our hotel is located, to Speaker’s Corner, where we’ll be visiting Winter Wonderland on Friday night. And I don’t think the Husband would appreciate walking from our hotel to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street. A nicely timed stroll to Apsley House or the Guards Museum in Birdcage Walk may just be doable . . . . .

Having had my memory of London walks refreshed, I began to second guess the daily itineraries I’d sketched for our time in Bath. The Holburne Museum is just a street away from our hotel, and the Abbey is a walkable distance, as well. Just over the Bridge, in fact. However, they must have moved the Royal Crescent and the Fashion Museum since I was there last, as they are both now considerably removed from our neighborhood, a fact that escaped me when I was making our plans. I have since made some minor adjustments to our daily itineraries in both London and Bath, many of which involved the inclusion of taxi cabs, and am now fairly certain that our marriage will survive the trip.

In case you need your memory of British places refreshed, or if you simply want to take a stroll through your favorite city, do try Google Maps streetview – and happy walking!

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