Be There! At the Queen's Jubilee

Victoria here, barely recovered from the news that a friend’s husband has secured a spot for her to observe the Thames Pageant aboard one of the boats on the river.  I had to retreat to the fainting couch to recover from my envy.  I hope she takes really good pictures.  And I am happy for you Molly, I really am.  Really.

I will be at home, in the U. S. upper midwest, watching as much as I can find on television.  In case you are going to be looking too,  I am eager to share the good news that BBC America will do live coverage on Sunday and Tuesday.  I have made snarky remarks about the US version of the Beeb (which must be a cash cow for them) because as much as I am eager to watch BBC America, it seems like all they run are shows of that nasty chef, the very noisy Top Gear and (forever) Dr. No.   Where is good old Alan Titmarch?  Or those two ladies who clean the houses?  Or some reruns of their wonderful dramas? Whoops, here I go again. 

BBC America will carry coverage of the Diamond Jubilee on Sunday, June 3, and Tuesday, June 5.

For more information:

Sunday June 3, 2012:

Beginning at 5:30 am EDT: Previously presented programs include William and Harry: The Brother Princes; and All the Queen’s Horses, et. al.

8:30 am EDT, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: Thames Pageant

1:00 pm EDT Memories of a Queen

2:00 pm EDT Britain’s Royal Weddings

4:00 pm EDT William and Kate: A Fairytale Romance

5:30 pm EDT Prince William and Prince Harry: Into the Future

6:30 pm EDT William and Harry: The Brother Princes

8:000 pm EDT The Diamond Queen

11:00 EDT The Diamond Queen

Some programs repeated until 4:30 am EDT Monday

Tuesday, June 5, 2012:

4:15 am EDT The Queens Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving and Royal Procession Part One

6:00 am EDT The Queens Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving and Royal Procession Part Two

8:30 am EDT The Queens Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving and Royal Procession Part Three

Coverage of the Tuesday evening concert can be found on ABC stations.

Tuesday, June 5, 9 pm EDT Concert for The Queen: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration

ABC has the exclusive American broadcast rights to Concert for The Queen: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration, which features Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Tom Jones, Annie Lennox, Kylie Minogue, Stevie Wonder and young recording sensation Jessie J.  Katie Couric will take viewers backstage for a unique view of the festivities, including interviews with the concert’s biggest stars.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” will broadcast Live from London June 4 and 5 mornings.

Expect coverage also from CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC all weekend, particularly on morning and evening news programs.
CBS has a couple of websites showing their coverage of events leading up to the Jubilee – click here

For full coverage, depend upon the official Diamond Jubilee site.

So, while I know you will BE THERE, Molly, I just might see more if it from over here.  At least I can comfort myself with that thought.


Kristine and I hope all of Number One London’s dear readers enjoy the upcoming events as much as we plan to do.  God save the Queen. Long may she reign! 

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