London Advent Calendar

I am devoted to Jacquie Lawson animated e-cards, for almost any occasion.  Jacquie (I feel like she is my friend!) has created two advent calendars to mark the 25 days leading up to Christmas 2011.

The panorama changes according to the time of day; London’s night lights are particularly lovely. Each day there is a new scene or story to enchant you and  kiddies of all ages.  Also available is a Village Advent Calendar.

Colorful and musical, these calendars are as charming as the Jacquie Lawson cards.  You really need to see the animations to get the full effect.  See the website here.

Joining the website is not expensive and you will have many choices of Christmas, birthday, Easter, Valentine and other holiday cards — British, Canadian and American.  All are accompanied by delightful sound tracks. 

It is certainly not too late to send Thanksgiving cards, such as the above Turkey created from bunches of vegetables.  Most of the cards can be sent almost instantaneously once you are registered, but obviously you have to take traffic into consideration for popular holidays.

Jacquie Lawson, above, lives in the village of Lurgashall in West Sussex.  She is a lady of a ‘certain age’ but has about the most youthful and creative mind I can imagine.  According to the story — nearly a legend by now — she created an animated Christmas card and sent it to 30 friends about a dozen years ago.  She got back thousands of responses — for everyone had forwarded it to their entire e-address book. From this modest beginning, her business has become wildly successful, sending millions of cards each year on behalf of members.

Among her most requested cards are those with her dog Chudleigh, a black lab, and his canine and feline friends.  Some of the cards are done as Pelmanism puzzles, favorites of many in the younger set.  You match pairs (as in the game Memory) and when you make a match, another section of the card is revealed.

Another favorite recurring figure is Teddy, who has many adventures indeed, and will bring greetings for almost any purpose — or none but a cheery hello.

Returning to the holidays fast approaching, check out Jacquie’s wonderful e-cards, screen-savers and note cards, just in case you still like to send actual paper cards, as I often do — though not often enough.

And as the days darken ever earlier — until the most welcome day of the year, the winter solstice — keep your days bright and merry with Jacquie’s creations.

Just so you know, this blog post is done unsolicited, without the knowledge of Jacqui Lawson — just a hint about something we enjoy and you might too.  Cheerio!

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