So . . . I was walking by the shop at the Royal Mews, went in to browse . . . overheard one of the ladies who work there telling a man that they are doing an unprecedented opening of Buckingham Palace today and tomorrow only. Private tours of the palace with a guide, 20 people per tour, champagne included. Reader, I booked us in for 4 p.m. today – woooo hooooo! What a coup! What an experience! What a treat!

Check in later for all the Palace scoop . . . . . . off now to Piccadilly to stroll a bit until tour time.

1 thought on “Score!”

  1. Oh,wow!Can't wait to hear about it. BTW, Minster Lovell and
    Burford sound wonderful. I stayed in the former after my time at Oxford in a quaint B&B with a lady who served the breakfasts in a wee conservatory filled with vines. I always felt one weas waiting to wrap itself around my neck and deliver me to a giant Venus fly trap if I didn't eat my kippers.

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