Just Back From the Palace

So, I was walking from the hotel down towards the Mall in order to get to St. James’s Street. Thinking like a resident, i.e. what are these people doing here and why are they blocking my route, I then glanced to the right as a troop of mounted guards approaching – the Changing of the Guard. Yes, stupid, every day at 11:30. Oh, bother, thought I, until I realized that this would make for great video for the blog, and so I took some. Eventually I did get to St. James’s Street and Piccadilly. First stop Fortnum & Mason – bought xmas cards for next year. Then Hatchards, where I bought some re-issued, previously out of date Georgette Heyer mysteries. Then to Richoux Tea Rooms for lunch. Walked Jermyn Street, took (another) photo of the window at Whites, peeked in at Duke’s Hotel and toddled my way back to the hotel to pick up Greg and head over to the Palace. What an experice, from arrival to departure. We were truly treated like royalty. Will blog about it in detail soon – suffice to say that upon passing security, you’re offered chairs to wait in until the tour officially starts. So, I’m sitting there taking it all in (French windows, window treatments, rug, etc etc.) When I look to the right, and what is the first thing I see? Chantry’s bust of the Duke of Wellington – not kidding. Although this wasn’t planned as an Artie tour, it has certainly turned into one (yippeeee!) You’ll have to wait for further details on our visit, but it was really a treat. Even Greg was impressed/interested. Our guide, Dawn, was quite entertaining.

We got out two hours later and went for dinner. And Bacardi and Coke. Greg is emphatic that he’s done enough walking for one trip. Oh, boy, he has no idea – Victoria, Brooke and I typically do as much walking in just a single day as weve done this trip. And I spared Greg the tube experience, so we’ve been cabbing it. Truly, the man has no idea. In any case, this frees me up tomorrow so I’ll be heading to Apsley House (again) then Oxford Street and maybe I’ll sneak in a massage. What the Hell. . . . more tomorrow.
Update: Apsley House website says it both open and closed tomorrow. The chart of opening times says open, the calender of openings says closed. Tune in tomorrow – will I or won’t I visit Apsley House?

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  1. Kristine, your on-the-spot blogging is a joy! Fun, and well done, very well done!!!

    Yes, Greg has NO idea how much we ladies walk when we are in England 🙂 (If feet could talk…OY!)

    Glad you are having such a delightful trip. My gang is in Portsmouth now for New Year's. Lots of good shopping at a mall down there with Wharf in the name. (Well, of course, being that Portsmouth is on the English Channel.)

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