Windmills in my head

From Victoria:  We are cruising down the Rhine toward Koln, aka Colonge, after visiting Kinderdijk in Holland.   We saw a group of 19 windmills dating from the mid 18th century which helped hold back the sea — or as the guide said, “kept our feet dry.” Now diesel and electric pumps do the job. The windmills are a UNESCO world heritage sight, and one is working to show how they pumped the water.  We saw the little kitchen, bedroom and living room where the miller raised his family.  I decided not to try the steep stairs up any higher. All very picturesque.

Kristine and Brooke are in Paris I assume and must be loving it. For me, it is quite relaxing on the ship after the mad flurry of activity that was our first week in London  and Waterloo.  Believe me, I need the rest!!  After all, I have that one full day left in London on our way home and my list of things to do is growing.

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