The Student Prince

Victoria on the Rhine Crusie here — Today we go to Heidelberg, the setting of that great romantic operetta and film, The Student Prince.

I heard on CNN that France is going on strike — so Kristine and Brooke are probably in the middle of it. I suppose they’ll just have to go shopping…

Yesterday we cruised the middle Rhine and saw dozens of castles, and many, many vineyards. I am surprised at how agricultural the shores are — though there are many big cities too. The weather was warm and sunny, perfect for sitting outside until we finally decided we were getting burned and needed to go into the lounge. In the afternoon we stopped at the village of Rudesheim, center of the wine growing region, and we strolled the quaint town, full of souvenir shops and restaurants. Stopped for a glass of Rhine wine and it was delicious — ordinarily I find it too sweet, but they can make it quite dry too apparently.

Loved the World Cup results — both England and the US into the sixteen. And SO happy that So. Africa beat the French. Good heavens, I have turned into a sports fan. But you can’t escape it in England, Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany. Crazy.

Today we go by bus 30 mins from the Rhine to Heidelberg which I am eager to see. Student Prince and all that. Remember the movie with Edmund Purdum acting and lip syncing to Mario Lanza’s Voice?

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