A Bird, a Tourist and a Camera

There once was a rather shy bird named Francois, who lived in a beautiful park by the Eiffel Tower. One day, Francois heard a pesky tourist coming closer, so he ducked behind some flowers.

Eh, it’s only another American lady with a camera, thought Francois.  
Francois decided that he might as well climb out onto the rock beside his lake and take a closer look.

Pish! Do ze tourists have nothing better to do? Why don’t zey go and sit by a lake instead?
Perhaps, thought Francois, if I turn my back on her she’ll get ze hint and go away.

Heh, what’s that? Ze lady says I’m a very handsome bird. . . allors, I am a handsome bird, non?
I am quite handsome from ze front . . .
and from ze left . . . . .
and also from ze right . . . . hey! Hey, American lady, where do you go? Francois has many good sides left, come back! You don’t want anymore photos of that stupid Tower. Come back, mon cher  . . . . . . . . !

3 thoughts on “A Bird, a Tourist and a Camera”

  1. ROTFL over ze bird. never work with kiddies or animals. Sounds like you two are having a ball. You know everytime I hear Rule Britania the perverse part of me thinks, oh, but there were thousands of Briton who were slaves. Cours,e tehre's a quote from France saying there were no slaves there either. Ah Europe, Anyway,you two know my obsessions — beyond Gerry Butler — with all things Black Brit history, so you spot something, point it my way, eh?

    As for the naked bike race … there are no words. Except I don't thik I'd borrow any of those bikes without some Lysol on hand.

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