Anonymous, opening on October 28th, is a political thriller advancing the theory that it was in fact Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford who penned Shakespeare’s plays; set against the backdrop of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Essex Rebellion against her. The film stars Rhys Ifans, Vanessa Redgrave and David Thewlis.

Shakespearean conspiracy theories have been around for centuries and the film does not seek to advance one or the other, but rather it presents the facts and leaves it to the viewer to make up their on mind on the subject. The sets are gorgeous, the acting isn’t half bad and the costumes are as authentic as costume designer lisy Christl could make them.  Christl boiled, shrank, then dyed and painted the fabrics to transform them into director Roland Emmerich’s desired look for the authentic atmosphere of the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England and the movie’s picture style with low light that comes from candles and fireplaces.

“With the new developments in digital cinematography, we could really take advantage of candlelight and firelight,” says Director of Photography Anna Foerster. “For a period piece, using available light – candles, fireplaces, whatever comes in from outside – makes it real.” Together with Emmerich, she developed the look of the film from the paintings of Johannes Vermeer and Georges de La Tour. “Vermeer uses the soft, diffused daylight that comes in through windows; de La Tour would have a single source of light, a candle or a torch.”

Actress Joely Richardson in the role of Princess Elisabeth Tudor, later Queen Elizabeth I.

Visit the film’s official site here, where you can watch a trailer, as well as design your own coat of arms. A review of the film can be found at here at ScreenCrave.

Speaking of Bridget Jones

Tis the season for Bridget Jones what with Bridget Jones: The Musical set to hit the West End in 2012 and Christmas being right around the corner. Yes, Christmas. You know you’ll be watching Bridget Jones’s Diary during the holidays just to see those awful holiday sweaters again. Well, we can’t wait. You probably can’t wait, either, so here’s the movie trailer to get you into the spirit of things. Click here to watch.

Speaking of Bridget Jones . . .

And really, these days who isn’t speaking of her? Not only is Bridget Jones 3 in the works, there’s soon to be a musical based on the story. Tapped to play the lead role in Bridget Jones: The Musical, actress Sheridan Smith is currently enjoying pigging out in order to gain weight for the role, unlike Renee Zellweger, who emphatically said that she wasn’t willing to gain a pound when Bridget Jones 3 goes into production.

A svelte Zellweger at LAX on July 9

Sheridan said: “I can just eat what I want. At the minute I’ve been eating burgers and it’s great. I’m not really one for eating salads anyway, but the fact that I have to put on weight is even better.

“There will be a lot of dancing, that’s the thing – it’s just wondering whether you can keep it on doing eight shows a week. But I’ll eat loads don’t worry!

“Chocolate, cakes burgers, pizza, the lot. All my favourite foods. Jamie Oliver would kill me for saying things like that wouldn’t he?!”

British pop star Lily Allen was chosen to write the music for the show and recently confirmed to Britain’s Elle magazine that she is almost finished writing the songs, and that we can expect the musical to hit in London’s West End in 2012. The play will be scripted by Bridget Jones author Fielding and produced by Working Title.
No concrete word yet on who will playing Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver. Stay tuned . . .

Speaking of Bridget Jones . . . .

Happy, happy, joy, joy! Just days ago, Colin Firth confirmed that plans for Bridget Jones 3 are well under way. Details remain sketchy, but the Christmas season will once again figure into the plot, as well as trouble with a capital T in the form of Daniel Cleaver. With luck, another hilarious fight scene between Mark Darcy and Daniel will also be in the cards. All of the main cast members are slated to return. You can read the article and Colin’s quotes here.

Rufus Sewell on Masterpice…Sunday, July 17

Victoria, here. Be still, my heart!  I know I have been busy and preoccupied these past weeks, but RUFUS SEWELL, my #1 heart throb actor, on PBS Masterpice this week?   And I almost missed it???

Luckily, I did not fall asleep during Miss Marple last Sunday, though I came close.   Not that the show was boring — just that things have been catching up with me. So I nearly missed the promo for the next week’s presentation: Zen, the story of a detective in Rome. Here is the PBS description of the three episodes.

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I, Victoria, am a fan of Rufus. From the first moment I saw him as Septimus in Tom Stoppard’s brilliant play Arcadia in London many years ago, I have followed his career with special interest.  See my blog of  8/11/2010 for more pictures and comments on his various film, stage and tv appearances.

Though he is admired as a versatile actor in a wide variety of roles, Rufus Sewell has never hit the pinnacle of  acting, the BIG role that thrusts a performer into the stratosphere of stardom.  Though he has played many character parts, he also excelled in the leading man roles that capitalize on his dark good looks and sexy eyes. 

Perhaps these three episodes in which he stars as Aurelio Zen, a Venetian-born detective in Rome, will do the trick. Or then again, perhaps he doesn’t care to be a household name.  The episodes ran first in the UK on the BBC, based on novels by Michael Dibdin.

The three episodes are Vendetta (screening July 17), Cabal (screening July 24) and Ratking (on July 31).  Watch with me and let me know if you think this is the break-through role for Rufus.