Speaking of Bridget Jones . . . .

Happy New Year! We can’t think of anything more fitting than watching this video as we ring in the New Year. If you’ll be spending the New Year with friends, it’ll get you into the party spirit and if you’ll be celebrating alone, it will give you hope – things eventually turned out well for Bridget . . . didn’t they? Watch the video here.

Speaking of Bridget Jones

Tis the season for Bridget Jones what with Bridget Jones: The Musical set to hit the West End in 2012 and Christmas being right around the corner. Yes, Christmas. You know you’ll be watching Bridget Jones’s Diary during the holidays just to see those awful holiday sweaters again. Well, we can’t wait. You probably can’t wait, either, so here’s the movie trailer to get you into the spirit of things. Click here to watch.

Speaking of Bridget Jones . . .

And really, these days who isn’t speaking of her? Not only is Bridget Jones 3 in the works, there’s soon to be a musical based on the story. Tapped to play the lead role in Bridget Jones: The Musical, actress Sheridan Smith is currently enjoying pigging out in order to gain weight for the role, unlike Renee Zellweger, who emphatically said that she wasn’t willing to gain a pound when Bridget Jones 3 goes into production.

A svelte Zellweger at LAX on July 9

Sheridan said: “I can just eat what I want. At the minute I’ve been eating burgers and it’s great. I’m not really one for eating salads anyway, but the fact that I have to put on weight is even better.

“There will be a lot of dancing, that’s the thing – it’s just wondering whether you can keep it on doing eight shows a week. But I’ll eat loads don’t worry!

“Chocolate, cakes burgers, pizza, the lot. All my favourite foods. Jamie Oliver would kill me for saying things like that wouldn’t he?!”

British pop star Lily Allen was chosen to write the music for the show and recently confirmed to Britain’s Elle magazine that she is almost finished writing the songs, and that we can expect the musical to hit in London’s West End in 2012. The play will be scripted by Bridget Jones author Fielding and produced by Working Title.
No concrete word yet on who will playing Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver. Stay tuned . . .