Louisa Cornell and Kristine Hughes Patrone will be presenting a seminar on Wednesday, July 26th at the Beau Monde Chapter’s Mini Conference at the Romance Writers of America’s annual conference in Orlando.

If You Knew Regency London…

With the use of period maps available online, little-known research resources, and personal photos and videos of the places you know and many you have never heard of, Kristine Hughes Patrone and Louisa Cornell will take you into the heart of Regency London. From a visit inside Hatchard’s to a stroll through Crown Passage, an authentic Georgian shopping alley, complete with period storefronts and gas lighting, in this workshop you will see and learn about the places and streets in which your characters live and love.

Ever heard of the Golden Lion Pub? Your hero has, and he probably stopped there for a fortifying drink before entering Almack’s, three doors away. White’s Club, Angelo’s Fencing Academy, Devonshire House, and Fortnum and Mason—all within a stroll’s distance of each other—will show you how small “our” London truly is. This workshop will show you how easy it is to research the brilliant little details to give your Regency romance all the seamless period color and authenticity it needs.

If you’re attending the Beau Monde Mini Conference, you don’t want to miss this seminar! Check conference brochure for time and venue location within the hotel.

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