Whether you are a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip to Great Britain, The Smart Traveler’s Guide to Crossing the Pond will smooth your way and calm travel jitters by providing you with the know-how you need to visit the UK with confidence. From planning your trip to must-have travel apps, The Smart Traveler’s Guide to Crossing the Pond delivers insider tips for every stage of your journey and includes advice and tips on: how to build a personalized trip itinerary, planning your rail travel, stately home visits, the secrets to savvy packing, selecting your flights and seats, understanding the London Tube map, surviving airport terminals and long haul flights, choosing travel accessories and luggage, pub etiquette, British English for travelers and a handy travel/packing checklist.

Did you know that signing up for Groupon London a month before your trip can net you deals on entry fees at popular tourist sites, discounts on traditional afternoon teas and exclusive sightseeing offers? Or that the UK marks time using the 24 hour clock (military time) rather than the American 12 hour clock? Do you know what a Belisha Beacon is or how you can score discounted fares on First Class train travel? Packed with useful tips and practical information, The Smart Traveler’s Guide to Crossing the Pond is essential reading for anyone planning a visit to the UK. Don’t leave home without it!


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