If you’ll recall, the last post in this series ended with Diane and I finally making it 
through Trafalgar Square in a cab on our way to the theatre district. 
Leaving the cab in Charing Cross Road, we cut through Cecil Court to St. Martin’s Lane
and we came out at the London Coliseum, where we had tickets to see 
Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard, the musical. 
I knew that this limited run of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical was a reprisal of the role Glenn Close had played to acclaim on Broadway in 1994. Still, as we waited for the curtain to go up, I couldn’t help but to think `this is either going to be really good or really bad.` I love the original black and white film of Sunset Boulevard starring Gloria Swanson and William Holden. I couldn’t imagine that it could be done any better. And a muscial in the bargain?
Reader, it was really good. No, it was fabulous. Glenn Close was Norma Desmond. 
Don’t take my word for it – watch her performance here.
After standing through several curtain calls, Diane and I left the theatre and walked 
up the street for an Italian dinner at Giovanni’s, located in Goodwin’s Court which, as we left the restaurant after a delicious meal, proved tres atmospheric at night. 
And so back to the hotel and bed. Diane and I were exhausted, as it had been a long day. 
In fact, it had turned out to be a Five Part day. Can you imagine?
Day Four Coming Soon!

2 thoughts on “A TOUR GUIDE IN ENGLAND: DAY 3 – PART 5”

  1. I am mortally jealous! I would love to see this version of Sunset Boulevard. It is one of my favorite films ever! And it was actually the inspiration for my novel The Price of a Gentleman. What a wonderful day you had, tedious taxi ride and all!

  2. The thing about a slow taxi ride in London is there is always so much to see!

    The play was fabulous. Glen Close was fabulous. And Kristine was fabulous for arranging it all.

    We did not have a bad day, not one!!

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