After spending our day steeped in All Things Wellington via visits to Apsley House, the Wellington Arch, the Tower and Horseguards, there really was no question as to how to end the day – with dinner at the Grenadier Pub, of course. 

The Grenadier 18 Wilton Row Belgrave Square Knightsbridge London SW1X 7NR



We’ve posted about the Grenadier in the past – here’s link with some good background and history. Read this post and then return here to finish reading this post about our Tour dinner. 

The Grendier is within walking distance of Apsley House and legend has it that the Pub was used as a mess by soldiers in the Duke of Wellington’s regiment, although a pub in some form has stood on the spot since 1720. 
The Grenadier’s military connection is not in doubt. Until 1834, Old Barrack Yard, the remnants of which run along the side of the Grenadier Pub, once formed the access road to Knightsbridge Foot Barracks, located on the site now occupied by St. Paul’s Church, Wilton Place. When the Guards moved to their current home at Wellington Barracks in Birdcage Walk, the land was donated by the owner, the Duke of Westminster, to the Diocese of London. 


The interior of the Grenadier is lined with Wellington, Waterloo and military memorabilia. Above the fireplace is an engraving of Wellington that is part of a series of pictures depicting the highlights of Wellington’s life. They were printed in 1852 and all feature rosewood frames. The print I have depicts Wellington in his Oxford robes as Chancellor of the University.


The bar area, below, is truly cozy, but they serve a variety of beer on tap, mixed cocktails and, of course several types of port.




The dinner itself was fabulous. I remember that much. There was soup, as you can see . . . .


As well as something beneath what appears to be a Yorkshire pud, along with mashed potatoes and peas and carrots.






Our tour group was treated like royalty by Paul Hodgett, and his excellent chef. 
After a lovely meal, we all took time to explore the prints, ephemera and bookshelves that line the rooms at the Grenadier. 



As in all good pubs, the ceiling at the Grenadier is lined with money stuck there by past guests. Most of it is British, but there are examples from all over the world, as well.
And finally, Kristine, Denise and Diane indulged in an taking the always flattering selfie.



Much More Wellington Tour to Come!

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