To mark the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, we’ve rounded up various ways to commemorate the day. 

Watch the 50 minute Battlefield Detectives documentary that breaks down the Battle of Waterloo using cutting edge technology, expert research,  historic documents and even weather reports. Fascinating stuff filmed on location.

Alternately, if you’ve only five minutes or so, you can watch All You Need to Know About Waterloo here – not bad despite the fact that they say in the introduction that the Battle took place on July 18.

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Read a prior post on the harrowing experience Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby endured at the Battle of Waterloo: he was shot, stabbed, run over by charging cavalry horses, robbed and left for dead. Amazingly, he was rescued by a French officer and nursed back to health in Brussels by his mother, Lady Bessborough, who arrived shortly after the Battle with Freddy’s sister, Lady Caroline Lamb. Incredible.

Read the story of Copenhagen, the horse ridden by the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo, here.

Visit the Waterloo200 website – the organization was formed to organize and coordinate events associated with the 200th anniversary of the Battle. Their sponsor is the current Duke of Wellington. Lot’s of fab info, including the events planned around the re-enactment of Percy’s Delivery of the Waterloo Despatch.

If you’re on Twitter, search #waterloo1815 throughout the day for real time Battle updates.

Read the story behind “Waterloo Teeth” here – not for the squeamish.

Read the story of Wellington’s “Waterloo Breeches” here – quite amusing.

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