At this website, Waterloo 200 (click here), you will find all Waterloo events and information, including lots of pictures of relics of the battle and much much more.

French Army Cuirass, a breastplate worn by the heavy cavalry.  This one was pierced by a cannonball, killing Francois-Antoine Fauveau — or was it his brother?  A mystery indeed, 
Waterloo teeth
As grisly as it sounds, bodies were mutilated for their teeth, later sold as part of dentures for those who needed them…real teeth, it seems, are far superior to faux ones, but how would you feel if you knew where they came from?
British cavalry carbine (musket)
Real all about it here
Take your time exploring this site and you will be multiply rewarded!


  1. Waterloo teeth were advertised as such so purchasers knew where they came from. It was a selling point– most would be teeth from healthy young men and not ones with TB or other illnesses or robbed from a hospital or taken from the corpse of a person hanged for a crime. .

  2. Sorry if this is superfluous but as I couldn't open the events page of the Waterloo 200 Site, and I haven't seen a mention of the event, I don't know if you are aware (you probably are but just in case) I wanted to post this: http://costumesociety.org.uk/events/details/waterloo-study-day
    Festivities include a Jane Austen Society Ball and a lecture featuring two gowns that were worn at the Duchess of Richmond's Ball.
    I was in London (and Bath) on a tour at the end of July 2014, and have very much enjoyed reading your blog about your adventures there. We saw many of the same exhibits and locations. The Horse Guards and the Royal Mews were two of my favorites.
    Thanks for the lovely descriptions, etc.

  3. What a fab link, Cynthia – thanks so much for sharing! We'll be featuring this smashing event in our Waterloo Wednesday post for April 15. Please do keep us informed of any other events you find – we had no idea! So glad you're enjoying the blog – we're so pleased to have you with us.

  4. Oh, I wish I could go, but unfortunately I have obligations here at home. I follow the events at the Fashion Museum of Bath (not on my tour last summer so I had to make a special visit while the tour group did other things) which is amazing, not least because it is at the Assembly Rooms, which Regency fans have all read about. When I was there they also had an exhibit of costumes from "Downton Abbey" and other WWI items. Anyway, that is how I found out about the Waterloo Study Day events.
    Perhaps someone else who is lucky enough to go can fill us all in.

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