Victoria here, with blatant and shameless self-promotion for an anthology I participated in, released April 1 (no joke). Nine authors explore the experiences of fictional participants in the spectacle that unfolded 200 years ago in this new e-book anthology, Beaux, Ballrooms, and Battles: A Celebration of Waterloo, available for $.99 for a limited time.  You can find it on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook (if not this minute, then very soon).  

Aileen Fish and others created the cover, using details from this picture of the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball by artist Robert Alexander Hillingford. The original hangs in the Richmond’s country home Goodwood House in West Sussex.

Here is part of the article I wrote for The Regency Reader: “What is more poignant than a warrior kissing his beloved farewell as he leaves for battle, perhaps never to return? What is more intense than her emotions as she faces hours and days of waiting helplessly, fearful, and ignorant of developments on the battlefield? What is more dramatic than their reunion as worry dissolves into the ecstasy of being together again?”

Summoned to Waterloo by R.A. Hillingford

We held a Release Party on Facebook, following up our Cover Reveal party also on FB a couple of weeks ago.  It was lots of fun, with almost 200 people posting about what they were wearing, their escorts, doing their own promotion, greeting old and making new friends…and answering lots of questions.   Our guest authors are a very impressive group of regency specialists, all of whom offered prizes for responders to their questions,some of which had specific answers and others which solicited opinions and favorites.. They all entered into the fantasy of the event.

Eileen Dreyer arrived with her escort, Colonel Sharpe, leaving us all swooning. And she modeled her lovely gown.

Sheri Cobb South asked a tricky questions about the Bow Street Runners, but many of us were more  diverted by her escort, the esteemed Horatio Hornblower as portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd.

Jessica Jefferson asked which Darcy is your favorite? Mine is Colin Firth.  If only Matthew had combed his hair ONCE!

Collette Cameron had a quirky take on castles, including this one of white chocolate! Yum!!

Bronwen Evans responded with  picture of New Zealand’s only castle,

I chose my escort based on his stellar appearance at Horse Guards, a member of the Blues and Royals.  We had a wonderful time together!

On duty at Horse Guards

Annie Burrows showed us pictures of the military unit imagined by a group of Harlequin authors who’ve done a trilogy on the rouges and their Wa
terloo brides.

Re-enactors re-imagined
Popular and prolific author Cheryl Bolen sought opinions on whether readers prefer Alpha or Beta heroes. Results were decidedly mixed, with may saying they like the Alpha heroes in fiction, but prefer their Betas in real life.  Yep.
Janice Preston  asked which three qualities best describe a regency hero.
Vivien Jackson invited readers to tell us how they were originally hooked by Regencies stories. 
Maggie Robinson wrote about The British Army’s Redcoats and asked about favorite genres to read.
Here is a hint about my story in Beaux, Ballrooms, and Battles: A Celebration of Waterloo, called “Folie Bleue:”
On the night of the 30th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, Aimée, Lady Prescott, reminisces about meeting her husband in Bruxelles on the eve of the fighting. She had avoided the dashing scarlet-clad British officers, but she could not resist the tempting smile and spellbinding charm of Captain Robert Prescott of the 16th Light Dragoons who— dangerously to Aimée— wore blue.
The Waterloo Banquet by artist William Salter hangs in Apsley House
The inspiration for my story came from standing in Apsley House last summer and looking at the painting above — and wondering who the lonely wives of all the heroes were — and what they did on the evening of the anniversary of the battle, June 18, when the Duke of Wellington hosted his annual reunion.
Diane Gaston, another of our wonderful guest authors at the Release party, was standing right beside me in Apsley House.  Diane posted a picture of the battleground, and talked of the effects of the conflict.
Diane Gaston’s posted picture shows the dreadful confusion and carnage of the battle.
Regina Scott enquired about what kind of pictures you like on your walls… 
Regina Jeffers wanted to know if readers think villains possess redeeming qualities. 
Ella Quinn  indulged in the conversation and perhaps one of the delicious glasses of champagne?
The prize for one of the commenters on my posts was a copy of my first Regency, The Fontainebleau Fan.  And the winner was Denise Duvall who wants to see Hever Castle, Hsmpton Court, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Stirling, Scotland, where she has relatives.Thanks for coming to the party, Denise and watch the snail mail for that book soon!
Because all the listings about the Anthology’s nine authors are in alphabetical order, I am reversing the trend.
David William Wilkin is not only an excellent writer, but also a tech wizard, who uploaded the versions of the book to various sites….
Sophia Strathmore asked  a question similar to mine — what is your favorite spot to visit or to dream about visiting in England?
Christa Paige wanted to know what is the most typical drink you see in Regencies. 
Heather King, a horse lover and our UK rep, wrote about the Duke of Wellington’s mount, Copenhagen.  Last September at the Duke’s country home Stratfield Saye, we left roses on the stallion’s grave.
Victoria Hinshaw (me!) I was very pleased to be included and I admire all my colleagues as we nine cooks managed not to spoil our broth. I asked what place in England you most wanted to visit. 
Aileen Fish masterminded our cover design. 
Susana Ellis and Aileen made the Cover Reveal and Release parties happen. 
Tea Cooper brought us the Australian point of view and even discovered some interesting connections to Waterloo in her home country.
Jillian Chantal had a difficult question — How many horses were shot from beneath French Marshal Ney?  if you don’t know, you better study up!
The Release Party was great fun — and just for good measure, here’s one more suggestion to order your copy at $.99 for a limited time.  


  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing all the thrilling particulars. My personal escort, the Duke of Wellington, had such a good time at your ball rehashing old times with Richard Sharpe. Ah, Apsley House, the perfect place to have been romantically inspired!

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