Coke of Norfolk
From Mrs. Arbuthnot’s Journal – February 25, 1822
      I have been very much astonished, in common with the whole town, at the marriage of my old friend Mr Coke of Norfolk, who at the age of 69, has taken Lady Ann Keppel, a girl of 19. It is said she first wished to marry his nephew and heir, William Coke, and, failing with him, turned her attention upon the old man. It is very disgusting, I think, in both lady and gentleman; the latter, however, called on me yesterday and seemed rather proud and to think he was going to do a very clever thing. I wish he may find it answer, but I doubt it much. 
You can read more about the Cokes in Victoria’s past posts about her visit to their home, Holkham House – Part One can be found here and Part Two here.

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