Beginning a memorable day (for several reasons, LOL) on Tuesday, September 2, 2014…our pre-ordered ticket for the Extravaganza known as the Royal Day Out!  Victoria here (eventually telling MY side of the story), beginning with our delicious breakfast at our hotel’s adjacent restaurant…

The day’s activities were scheduled to begin at the Royal Mews, continue through the Queen;s Gallery and be crowned by the tour of Buckingham Palace.  What could be better? To be accompanied on this lovely day by three delightful companions — Kristine, Diane Gaston and Marilyn Gaston (sisters) with whom to share every experience….but again, more about that later!
It was not the first visit to the Royal Mews for three of our quartet.  As a matter of fact, for me, it was the fourth visit, but since I love horses and the fragrance of a stable always makes me think of happy times (and not an odoriferous dump) I never pass up a chance to go back.
As you can see, it is kept spotlessly clean, but horses will be horses, and even in this exalted spot, their evidence takes a few minutes to remove…thus one of my childhood memories is readily triggered.
Our guide was a veteran of many years in the Queen’s service and shared wonderful reminiscences. I hope I have the correct names for the coaches below.  
Irish State Coach
The carriages are superbly maintained and displayed.
The Glass Coach
The Scottish State Coach
A Rolls Royce Phantom IV is tucked off in a corner, perhaps useful for a run to the supermarket.
 Pony Cart
Kristine and Diane pose in front of the oncoming coach; 
luckily, the horses and postilion are only models or the girls would have been trampled.

The Gold State Coach, completed in 1762

A Triton blowing his conch shell horn to announce the approaching monarch; 
the carvings were executed by sculptor Joseph Wilton.

The panel paintings are Giovanni Cipriani, an Italian living in London
From the Rear

This concludes Part One of the Royal Day Out, So far, so good, group-wise…the crunch was yet to come.  I should add that we spent quite a bit of time in the gift shop, but in view of our upcoming time at the Queen’s Gallery and in the Palace, we saved our actual purchases for later.

More Loose In London Coming Soon!


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