Having spent a few Christmas’s in England, I can assure you that there’s no where else I’d rather be just now. Since that’s impossible (sigh) we’re bringing you some yuletide videos that we hope will warm the cockles of your hearts. **

Seasonal activities in London

How to flame a Christmas pudding

2010 Victorian Christmas Festival in Portsmouth

Flashmob of British Army musicians surprises Christmas shoppers in Gateshead’s Metrocentre

John Lewis Christmas advert 2014

Sainsbury Christmas 2014 advert remembering soldiers in 1914 – must see!

Victorian Christmas – make your own Christmas cards

How to make a Victorian Christmas pudding 

** Definition from – One of the meanings of “cockle” is the chamber of a kiln: in reference to the heart, it refers to the chambers, of which there are four (two atria and two ventricles). The heart has always been associated with emotions, especially love, excitement and fear, probably because when we feel a strong emotion we feel our heart thumping and beating faster. So when something “warms the cockles of our heart”, it is a reference to something pleasant that makes our heart beat faster and makes us feel good. It is probably also the origin of the saying that something gives us that “warm and fuzzy feeling.”

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