As a city, London survives in the 21st century by taking advantage of it’s three rivers – the River Thames, the river of ground traffic and the constant flow of traffic in the skies. This video (46 mins) takes you behind the scenes of modern day London to see how it’s all kept ticking over.

How does Heathrow airport manage half a million flights a year – using only two runways? Heathrow’s split second landing and take off precision is explained in this video.

Traffic on London’s streets is controlled by CCTV, the eye in the sky. Main arteries and ring roads all pour into what remain essentially 18th and 19th century roads. How is it all managed and how is congestion averted? Tolls, sensors and other cutting edge technology help to keep London traffic jam free. Oh, and should you be thinking of pulling off any crimes using London streets, think again, mate.

On the River Thames, navigation is only one aspect of keeping traffic moving – life saving, obstacle removal and port control and surveillance all combine to form a river system that would make the East India Company proud.


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