Kristine here, landing at Heathrow today at 6 a.m., twelve hours before meeting up with Victoria once she jets in from Paris and we begin our three week sojourn in England. We are so looking forward to welcoming the Duke of Wellington tour group to London next week, but for now, we’ll be getting up to all sorts of historic things on our own: Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s Gallery, Highgate Cemetery, Kenwood House, Clarence House, mudlarking on the Thames, Sir John Soane’s Museum for the Peace Breaks Out exhibit – and that’s before the tour even begins!

I thought I’d let you know about changes to the blog whilst we’re in Merry Olde, so here goes:

We’ve taken the news stories out of the sidebars for the duration because, let’s be honest, Victoria and I aren’t about to commit to updating them whilst we’re cavorting through England.

We’ve only pre-scheduled a few posts for the time we’re away and will instead be popping in to post spontaneous updates regarding our travels on a regular basis, so check back here often to see what we get up to, and don’t forget to also follow our doings on Facebook and Twitter – you’ll find the links to both in the right hand sidebar.

By the time most of you read this, I shall be walking the streets of London, taking photos and making lots of notes for future blog posts. We’ll see you soon!

Note to Victoria: I reckon you’ll be at our hotel around 7 p.m. Will be in the room waiting for you with ice bucket and drinks at the ready. After cocktails, we’ll stroll down to the Duke of Wellington for dinner – two blocks away.  All things Wellington, all the time. Huzza – let the Artie-fest begin!

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