There is perhaps no creature more beautiful than the horse, nor a creature that has done so much to change the way humans live. In this episode of Inside Nature’s Giants, the history and evolution of the thoroughbred horse is explored – the thoroughbred on the track, at labor and in war. 

Also explored is just how the horse is able to run at such speeds and to maintain such stamina. How is the horse engineered? The physical make up of the horse is deconstructed to answer these and other questions. Did you know that a horses’ hoof is actually its’ finger? 

If you love horses, if you write about horses, if you’re awed by the beauty and power of the horse, I recommend that you watch this hour long documentary. 

Warning: Graphic content – portions of this documentary depict the deconstruction of a horse for purposes of anatomical explanation. If such a thing can be termed “tasteful,” this demonstration qualifies. At all times, the animal is treated with respect, and awe, by the veterinary surgeons, anatomists and pathologists performing the operation. 

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