As you may know, I’ve posted before about my Coronation Street addiction. Thanks to Auntie Corrie on YouTube, I’ve been able to start watching Coronation Street from 1976 on. I’m now up to the later part of 1988 and Auntie Corrie’s playlists are done – help! Of course, I could go on to the many websites that play later episodes – 2000 to present, say, but that’s the whole of the 90’s missed. Aaarrgggh.

And I’ve got to say, I’ve had too much to deal with already without missing out on an entire decade of Corrie.

Hilda’s gone!
Brian’s dead!

Bet’s married!

And there’s more – Ivy’s nuts! Gail’s with Martin! Mavis is married to Derek! Mike Baldwin’s still a cad!

All this may go some way to show why I’m dragging Victoria off to the wilds of Manchester whilst we’re in England for the Duke of Wellington Tour so that I can visit the tour of the Coronation Street set.

Is anyone else a Corrie fan? If so, please leave a comment here and let me know which decade of Corrie is your favorite.

Gorron, you know you’re a Corrie fan.

What are ya?

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