2014: The Year of the Bus

That familiar urban creature, the humble bus, is the object of the London Transport Museum’s celebration in 2014.  Their website is here.

 I doubt any visitors to London leave the metropolis without riding the bus, especially one of those open tops that stop at all the familiar sites as they wend their way through the heavy traffic.
The poster below was chosen to represent this stellar event.  We have yet to decipher all the images.  How about you?  Nevertheless it is colorful and expressive.

A fascinating aspect of the Year of the Bus is the 100th anniversary of the use of London Buses at the front in World War I.  Read more here.  Introduced in 1910, this first mass-produced bus was in widespread use in London by the outbreak of the war, and a perfect vehicle for transporting troops.

Read the article about the restoration in the Daily Express here.

London Transport Museum photo

The Transport Museum has an excellent collection of old posters — and here is one of the favorites — all the London toffs mixing with the hoi polloi as they travel the tube.

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