Visiting the Windsor Museum

The Wellington Tour will explore the Museum of Windsor on September 12, 2014 — we hope you’ll be with us.

The Museum is located on the ground floor of the Windsor Guildhall a building designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built in the 17th Century, though it was originally begun by another architect who died in 1689. Nevertheless, it bears the unmistakable stamp of Wren.

Wren’s addition to Hampton Court Palace
Prince George of Denmark, husband of Queen Anne

Om true Wren style: Queen Anne

For several hundred years, the Windsor Guildhall served as headquarters for the council and Lord Mayor of the town. 
This Council Chamber and the adjacent room are available now for meetings, weddings, and other events.

The Museum, on the ground floor, tells the story of the town from earliest evidence of human habitation to the present.  Among our favorite displays are the intricate dioramas of Windsor history.

Windsor Market-place, 1607

The Museum (website here) was masterminded by our dear departed friend Hester Davenport and her associates.  So our visit with the Wellington Tour participants will be bittersweet for Kristine and Victoria who spent time with Hester here several times and knew of her long years of work toward its establishment.

Hester and the Scots Guards

Here are three of our blog posts on the subject of Hester and the Museum.

Hester on the dioramas

Hester In Memoriam

The Windsor Museum

The Museum is located on the High Street, almost in the shadow of Windsor Castle.  Among its famous neighbors is this Crooked House, photographed frequently!

Market Cross House aka The Crooked House
Many restaurants are in the adjacent streets
This amused us greatly: The Nell Gwynn Chinese Restaurant!!

The Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle marches right up the High Street

on their way to the castle

Victoria here, reminding you to make your reservation soon.  And that’s an order, from one who sat in the Lord Mayor’s Chair!
The Wellington Tour
September 4-14, 2014

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