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The theme of this Pinterest Post is “things that might appear in an historical novel set in London.”

Date : c.1850 The Orchestra Stand at Vauxhall Gardens in the centre of the grove. The organ seen immediately below the roof with the orchestra seats below it and the supper-boxes on the ground floor. This is the first photograph I’ve ever seen of Vauxhall. If you know of others, please share. I must say, the image below paints a much more romantic view of the Gardens. Note: Vauxhall Gardens closed for the last and final time in 1859.


From what I can tell, this was pinned from author Jo Beverly’s Flicker page – small world, isn’t it?

The Crystal Palace fire, November 30, 1936 and the ruins of the Palace below.

Lamplighter, c.. 1930

This water gate stood at the river’s edge, fifty yards from Samuel Pepys’ house. Built in 1626, as the triumphal entry for the Duke of Buckingham to York House, since the Victoria Embankment was completed in 1870 it has been marooned a hundred yards from the Thames. From  “In Search of Relics of Old London” at Spitalfields Life.

An Edwardian housemaid


1920’s chimney sweep


Coachman and Footmen of the 3rd Lord Egerton of Tatton outside 9 Seamore Place, Mayfair.
Before the Coronation of George V. Cheshire County Council/National Trust.


Aida Overton Walker dazzled early-twentieth-century theater audiences with her original dance routines, her enchanting singing voice, and her penchant for elegant costumes. One of the premiere African American women artists of the turn of the century, she popularized the cakewalk and introduced it to English society.

London Cabmen: c.1877, John Thomson
 1920’s – sheep grazing beside the Serpentine, Hyde Park

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