Planning a Trip to England, Updated

Victoria here…still fascinated with the trials of Kristine and Hubby in chilly England last December and January.  I promised to update my plans for a summer visit to Europe including a week in Britain, so here goes.

Statue of Paddington Bear in his Railway Station

After touring in Prague and Berlin, we arrive at Heathrow and will take the express train to Paddington, then a taxi to our hotel near King’s Cross Station. (Certainly you need to know these details…though I hope our trip will not involve a bout of ‘cholera’ as Kristine’s trip did!).


This keeps us sort of on the edge of central London, as I visualize it, not necessarily as the official view would be.  We’ll be near the British Library (will I be able to keep myself out of it?) Oh yes, I can do a bit of browsing at their wonderful gift shop.
One item on sale at the BL Shop
Do you think they really had TRAINED cats????

 After a day to get our bearings and just BE in London, we’ll hop a train and go to Cambridge.  I’ve never seen that city and I hope we can get a feel for the university and also see the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Next day, we are off to King’s Lynn, Norfolk, then by taxi to Houghton House where we have tickets to see Houghton Revisited.  I expect to feast on the exhibition and the house.  Love anything by William Kent – and of course I am fascinated by the life and accomplishments of Sir Robert Walpole, first Prime Minister.
Prince Charles visits Houghton Revisited
We will stay overnight not too far away on the grounds of Holkham Hall.  I am giving a talk at the September JASNA AGM about Mr. Darcy as CEO of a large business at Pemberley. I will use this visit to see the many agricultural innovations Coke supported, which would have been eagerly adopted by Mr. Darcy.
Holkham Hall

I am sad that we will be leaving London during the Celebration of the  60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation.  I hope there will be lots of opportunities for us to see some of it, along with all our usual haunts, which Kristine would never let me ignore – Cecil Court, the print shops and book stores…  

Seven Dia
ls, London

Finally, but perhaps the MOST fun, we hope to see some friends and share dinners and other jaunts – and all too soon, we will be headed back to the U.S., probably with a list of Not-To-Miss sites for next time.  I promise to report in!

2 thoughts on “Planning a Trip to England, Updated”

  1. This looks fantastic! Don't resist the visit to the British Library – it is magnificent! (but don't go there hungry; I think the cafe is expensive for a place frequented mainly by academics and students).

    Your visit to Norfolk looks excellent; lovely buildings, amazing exhibition, and research too!

    I just hope you have better weather than Kristine. Our spring is very late this year, so it may be summery when you visit.

  2. Helena, thanks for your comments. Summery would be perfect!! But not too hot…not asking much, am I? I love the BL, though my reader's card has expired. But weith my husband along, I probably won't renew it for more research, though I'd love to. But that gift shop — and the exhibits will no doubt draw us in. Can't wait!!!

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