A Couple In England – Windsor

As you probably know by now, my Husband, who is accompanying me on my trip to England in a week, is not a history buff, nor is he very good at playing tourist. I have been trying my best to add items to our London and Bath itineraries that he will also enjoy and don’t mind telling you that it’s been a hard slog. Therefore, when it came time to plan our stay in Windsor, the final leg of our trip, I gave up any pretence of pretending that this entire trip wasn’t designed for my sole pleasure and have crafted an itinerary sure to make my Husband’s head spin, whilst no doubt making his feet hurt. You may recall that Victoria, Jo Manning and I have a good friend who lives in Windsor, the author Hester Davenport. Who has actually met the Queen, I might add. You can read all about it here. Last time Vicky and I were in Windsor with Hester, we toured the Castle and visited the grave of Mary Robinson, mistress of George IV, about whom Hester has written a biography.

This time out, Hester and I have been fiendishly crafting an itinerary to gladden any history buff’s heart. No matter that it is guaranteed, at the same time, to send Hubby off the deep end.  We shall be visiting the Windsor and Royal Borough Museum, which Hester has played a part in developing, and will then again be touring Windsor Castle. This time out, we will also be taking a rarely open tour of the royal kitchens, something we are both looking forward to seeing. And I’ll get to see this magnificent portrait of the Duke of Wellington that hangs in the Castle again.
Next day, we’ll be driving to Oatlands in order to visit the pet cemetery of Frederica, Duchess of York, pictured above in black and white. Naturally, Hester and I are both excited about this stop – I can only imagine what Hubby’s reaction will be . . . . Then it’s on to Hampton Court Palace, a place I have never seen, if you can believe it. I’m especially interested in seeing Apartment 8, where the Duke of Wellington’s sister, Lady Anne Smith, lived.
No doubt Hubby will opt out of certain of the aforementioned entertainments. Unfortunatley, the thing he can’t opt out of is our nine hour flight home, followed by a seven hour layover in Newark, and then another flight to Florida. We’ll be leaving England at ten a.m. and not landing in Florida until 11 p.m. – a total of 18 hours travel time. Hubby, naturally, has no idea what he’s in for, as I’ve decided not to spoil the trip by telling him in advance what fate awaits. Have I mentioned that he has a bad back? Reader, it won’t be pretty. So, while I’m looking forward to the trip, at the same time I’m dreading our return journey. I can’t help but think that January 5th, 2013 will be the date of my very own Waterloo. . . . . to be continued (one hopes).

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