How to Throw a Diamond Jubilee Party

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Even the most non-domestic host can throw a good Jubilee party as long as they employ some slight of hand and a bit of dazzle. Below, we offer suggestions that might ensure that your guests won’t notice that a few corners have been cut. Every good party begins with the invitations and we think these are a hoot –

Once your invitations have been addressed (think Hyacinth Bucket) and posted, you may want to break out your Jubilee tea towel before beginning party day preparations. In any case, holding the tea towel when guests arrive will serve to give the impression that you’ve been making some sort of effort on their behalf, however marginal.

Now, first things first – the cocktails, complete with rim decorations from John Lewis –

(Note: If you distract them with these rim flags, your guests may not realize they’re drinking Tesco’s champers). Right, now that we’ve got the drinks sorted, you’ll want to hang some bunting

And inflate some balloons

Don’t forget to hand round the royal flags to be enthusiastically waved by guests

You may perhaps also wish to hand round a few Jubilee hats

Or perhaps not . . . . but do have some door curtains handy for guests to walk through. Nothing says “party” like getting one’s hair caught up in bits of string and tatty paper Union Jacks.

Once you’ve seen to it that your guests have been suitably lubricated and tousseled, they’ll no doubt want to be fed. The expectation of a nosh or nibble is not, after all, unreasonable.

If a full on, Gordon Ramsay-like spread is beyond your capabilities, we suggest that you serve Coronation chicken sandwiches. Nothing could be easier. You’ll find the quick “cheat” version of the recipe here. Afterwards, dazzle your guests by serving up some Fairy cakes (cupcakes) you’ll have baked using the brilliant kit below

Simply use a boxed cake mix, some store bought icing and make up for it all by serving your Fairy cakes on these royal cake stands

Whatever you do, don’t forget to have Her Majesty on hand in order to thank your guests for coming as they leave
With any luck, they will have drank themselves silly and be on such a sugar high from all those Fairy cakes that they may not realize they’re speaking to a cardboard cut-out. 

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