Court and Fashionable Life

From The Court Journal, Volume 7, 1835 
Court and Fashionable Life

The Duke of Cumberland is expected in town in a few days, from his residence near Berlin. The statement that some of the luggage, and of the domestic establishment, of his Royal Highness arrived in town on Wednesday is incorrect.
Interior, Belvoir Castle
The Duke of Wellington after celebrating the birth-day of his old friend, the Earl of Westmoreland at Apthorpe, will join the festivity at Belvoir Castle on Monday, where the natal day of the Duke of Rutland will be commemorated with distinguished honours by a large tenantry, in addition to the visitors from London.
The Right Hon. J. C. Herries left town yesterday for Hardwick to attend his Election. Lord Granville Somerset, Sir Henry Hardinge, and Mr Ross, have also left town to attend their Elections.
— Lord Rosslyn has removed from Chapel street to a house in Grosvenor place.
— Lord Haddington is expected to leave town this day for Ireland, to enter on the responsible duties of his high office as Lord Lieutenant. Sir Henry Hardinge, Secretary for Ireland, is not expected to go to Ireland till after his Election.
The Brazilian Minister will leave town in the course of a few days for Lisbon, to pay a complimentary visit to the Queen of Portugal on her recent marriage.
The Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt held a Meeting yesterday at the Treasury. Sir Robert Feel was present, as Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Governor and Deputy-Governor of the Bank also attended.
The Marquess and Marchioness of Wellesley, since his Lordship’s return from the Government of Ireland, have been staying at the Clarendon, where they will remain until they can procure a town residence. The Marchioness will, in a few days, resume her duties at the Court at Brighton, as one of the Ladies in Waiting on the Queen.
The Earl of Eldon has been for some time on a visit to his venerable brother, Lord Stowell, at his seat, Early Court, in Berkshire. The mansion of the Noble Earl, in Hamilton place, Piccadilly, has been recently adorned and beautified, preparatory to his Lordship’s return, which is expected in a few days. Lord Stowell’s health and strength, we regret to state, continue to decline.

Ravensworth Castle
The Countess of Mulgrave has been paying a lengthened visit to her father, at Ravensworth Castle, in the county of Durham. From thence she returned to join Lord Mulgrave at the Clajrendon Hotel, in Bond street. The Earl and Countess are now at Brighton, where, with their family, they will remain for a short period.
The Right Hon. Henry Ellis is preparing to leave England on a special mission to Persia. His suite will include Mr Sheridan, as private Secretary, brother of the accomplished Mrs Norton, and son of the late Mr Thomas Sheridan.
The Dowager Marchioness of Salisbury recently gave a magnificent banquet at her house, in Arlington street, to more than twenty distinguished personages, among whom were the Duke of Wellington, Lord and Lady Maryborough, Lord Cowley, the Earl and Countess of Jersey, and Sir John and Lady Anne Beckett. The Dowager Marchioness is now at Hatfield participating the festivities of Christmas, which are annually sustained there by the Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury, in great splendour.
The Marquess of Hertford and his numerous suite intend to return to London, from Naples, early in the spring. It is reported that a high diplomatic situation has been offered to the Noble Marquess by his friend Sir Robert Peel.
Woburn Abbey
The festivities at Woburn Abbey have been splendidly sustained during the Christmas holidays. The Duchess of Bedford, the presiding star, has congregated around her all the leading nobility of the county of Bedford, in addition to her numerous relations, including Lady Gcorgiana Russell, and the Marquess and Marchioness of Tavistock and their children.
The Earl and Countess of Albemarle are returned to the Stud House, at Hampton Court, from Paris, where those distinguished persons were called, in consequence of the death of their near relation, Sir William Keppcl, who has left the bulk of his fortune to the Noble Earl. It is doubtful if the Duke of Dorset, the successor of Lord Albemarle as Master of the Horse, will remove to the Stud House, notwithstanding it has for some years been the official residence.
The Earl Fitzwilliam
and his delightful family have left Wentworth House, in Yorkshire, for another of his Lordship’s seats, Milton, in Northamptonshire, where they intend to remain until the meeting of Parliament.
The Duke of Rutland is now at Belvoir Castle superintending preparations for a grand banquet, to be given at that princely residence, on Monday, in honour of the Noble Duke’s birth-day. The Earl and Countess of Lonsdale are expected there from Cottesmore, and the Marquess and Marchioness of Exeter from Burleigh. The Duke of Wellington will likewise be present. Lord Forester, Sir F. Trench, General Upton, and the Hon. William Howard, are already arrived at the Castle. There will be a splendid ball and supper in the evening, to which all the rank and fashion of the county of Rutland are invited.
— Hatfield House festivities were this year deprived of the presence of the Duke of Wellington in consequence of various important engagements at the Foreign Office. The Earl of Aberdeen, Lord Rosslyn, the Dowager Marchioness of Salisbury, and many distinguished foreigners, constituted a portion of the noble guests that were invited.
The “Princely Palace” of Alnwick Castle greeted the return of the Duke of Northumberland from the South, who was accompanied by his only brother, Lord Prudhoe, with warm and affectionate rejoicing. The amiable Duchess and her distinguished visitors have been sustaining “old English hospitality” in a style worthy the House of Percy, and commensurate with the large and princely fortune of its noble owner. The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland are expected in London, about the period that the Duchess of Kent and the Princess Victoria return from St Leonard’s.
The Marquess and Marchioness of Londonderry and family are passing the Christmas holidays, at Stockton-on-Tees, with much festivity. The noble Marquess is expected in town early next month, preparatory to making arrangements for his departure for St Petersburgh, as Ambassador to the Russian Court.

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