Report from Fort Worth, part two

At the JASNA AGM, by Saturday, October 15, I have to admit I was becoming overwhelmed. The plenaries and break-out sessions were outstanding.  I was enjoying every minute but I was having a very hard time deciding among the many options for sessions. I luckily overheard a suggestion from some anonymous know-it-all and thus enjoyed the delightful presentation of Margaret Chittick and Vera Quin: “S&S is Full of Surprises.”

Claire Bellanti, Margaret Chittick & Vera Quinn

Carrie Bebris  spoke on “Gunsmoke: Dueling in Jane Austen’s Time” giving details about the Code Duello, the rules and the equipment, as well as stories about actual duels.  The only duel in S&S occurs off-stage and is referred to only briefly, but it was a clear indication of the seriousness with which Col. Brandon dealt with the wayward Willoughby — a matter of the highest honor.

Here is Carrie, costumed later for the ball, with her parents Jane and Jerry Morris

My good pal Nina Davis came over from Dallas to spend some quality time at the JASNA AGM.  We spent a lot of time in the Emporium, where the temptations almost overcame us.

Nina and Vicky at the promenade
One of the highlights of the meeting was the talk by Andrew Davies, British screen writer of several Jane Austen adaptations including Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth version, 1995), Emma (Mark Strong version, 1996) and Sense & Sensibility (BBC, 2008), among many others.  Not only was Mr. Davies’ presentation well received, he was a perfect guest, willing to pose for pictures with many of us, only a few of which I managed to record.
Andrew Davies and Victoria Hinshaw
Andrew Davies and Amanda McCabe
Andrew Davies and authors Amanda McCabe and Jane Mullaney
Below is the conference logo reproduced in white chocolate for a fitting denoument to the banquet.

Following the banquest, many of the costumed attendees promenaded around the hotel and the neighborhood.

Sue Forgue of Chicago, proprietress of the Regency Encyclopedia

Unidentified stroller on the left, with Steve Lawrence of the Chawton House Library and Mrs. Lawrence.

Kathy O’Brien and Judy Beine of JASNA-WI
Strollers in costume
More delightful costumes

                    In the foreground, Judy Beine, Kathy O’Brien, Sara Bowen and Kim Wilson

                                                             Lori Davis and  Kim Wilson

Liz Cooper wore appropriate Texas attire to escort Andrew Davis on the promenade

After the brunch on Sunday, Nina and I — along with lots of other Janeites — visited the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth for the newly-opened exhibition on Caravaggio and His Followers.

For more information on the Kimball Art Museum, click here.

And here is more information on JASNA, the Jane Austen Society of North America.

Watch for another post on the gala book launch held in Ft. Worth, comuing soon.

Next year, the JASNA AGM will be held in New York City, Brooklyn to be precise, October 5-7,. 2012where the topic is “Sex, Money and Power in Jane Austen’s Fiction.”

For your video invitation, click here.

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  1. We had the pleasure of chatting to Nina while we were waiting for the promenade to begin. I was sorry not to have the opportunity to say goodbye to her. On her recommendation we have since watched "Lost in Austen" and found it very entertaining. Claire

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