More on the Bahamas

While we were in Nassau recently, Brooke and I decided to hit the beach and play in the frigid surf, while others who shall remain nameless took the opportunity to grab forty winks. 

You’ll note that while there were many people on the beach, the water was empty. Brrrr. Brooke and I dove in and it wasn’t long before I had been face-planted in the sand by a rogue wave/the incoming tide. With literally a mouth and bathing suit full of sand, I went to wash off, when I encountered a new friend.  
Regular readers of this blog will recall that I met an entertaining French crow when in Paris last year. This Bahamian dove had all the sauciness of his French counterpart, as well as an eye for the ladies.

“Yeah, Mon, dat’s one good looking woman. Rockin’ legs, Mama!”

“And here’s another. Work it, girl! Dose buns truly be mighty fine.”

“Is dat suppose to be a bathing suit? I heard of thongs, but dat’s takin’ it to the extreme. Not dat I’m complaining. Just sayin . . . . “

“Oh, Mon, the wife be coming back. Best pull me eyes back in my head and pretend I been looking at these water lilies all along. Look here, sweetheart, I found you a Monet garden almost a gorgeous as you are . . . I been missing you while you was gone. What took you so long?”

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