The Wedding Day!

Wedding dress designer – Sarah Burton

Blogger “Boy Meets Fashion’s” on-the-ground video of balcony kiss and fly past can be seen here
Newlyweds leave Palace in Prince Charles’s Aston Martin
Watch the video

All about the cake

All about the tiara

The Secrets Behind Kate’s hairdo revealed
Gorgeous photos of the wedding can be seen here
You’ll find video of the wedding highlights here
and photos of the reception here

Recipe for William’s Groom’s Cake

40 thoughts on “The Wedding Day!”

  1. I am watching the HATS — entering the Abbey, so many huge hats in brilliant colors … I am delighted I don't have to sit behind one of them. You wouldn't be able to see a THING. BBC America is my first choice for viewing…oooh, the Beckhams, Victoria all in black. Her little hat is kind to those behind her.

  2. Okay, I'm awake. Where's the dress already!?!? Haven't seen the beard yet. Watching CNN and Matt Lauer. Vicky – why aren't we at the Rubens!?!?!

  3. Huge crowds in Hyde Pak watching the jumbotrons (sp?) and all the military bands marching round. It is too exciting and SOOOOOOOOO British.

    And huge busses bringing the guests…Home Secretary Mrs. May and husband…ultimately responsible for the security.

  4. Why don't the Beckhams sit down already!?!? Love the trees in the Abbey. Where's Mr. Bean? Thank God it's not bucketing down rain. Where's my scone?

  5. Am about to brew a pot of my Berry Bros. & Rudd loose tea…the 1st of many I expect. BBC America & BBC Radio 4 are my informants.
    It's nice to see favourite haunts but am thankful to be watching from the privacy of home. I was in London during the Princess of Wales's funeral which reinforced my dislike of being among great crowds.

  6. Now the surge towards the palace down the mall…BBC America is in the middle of it…waiting for the kiss, then I must prepared for the Royal Wedding luncheon I am attending… with my coy of the Wedding Programme (via iPad) and lots of pictures saved from this very blog. Hurrah!! Weather even cooperated — it's lamost un-British.

  7. I should have known you ladies would be up and commenting. I've been up since 4:30 and haven't missed a thing.

    Agree with all you've said, but I have to add how much I LOVED Kate's sister's dress! Omigosh it is so simple but beautiful.

  8. Diane – I was shocked that Pippa wore white! Though it did look good. Now that the wedding's over, maybe those two girls will eat something.

  9. I was shocked too that Pippa wore white. I think that dress would have looked just as nice if it had been a creamy champagne color. Also shocked that Samantha Cameron was not wearing a hat.

    I loved the new Duchess of Cambridge's dress, I thought it was simple, elegant and suited her to a T. Adored the two kisses. Am now waiting for my 2 books from the UK, Invitation to a Royal Wedding and the Alison Weir/Kate Williams/Tracy Borham book.

  10. They look so happy and relaxed. Her dress reminds me of the one Grace Kelly wore. His uniform in in memory of some men in the Irish Guard who were killed in Afghanistan.

    WHY aren't we in England for this? SOB!!

  11. On BBC America, Elizabeth, one of the commentators said that it is the English tradition for the bridesmaids to wear the same colors as the bride…so Pippa's dress was correct, as well as lovely. The little girls dreses were so beautiful, with the pleating like Catherine's. And the weather held!

    I think we had the best view on tv, though I would certainly love to be there!! How about next month???

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