Windsor Museum Finds New Home

The Windsor and Royal Borough Museum has just relocated to its new home at the Guildhall in Windsor. Above is a photo of our good friend, author Hester Davenport, with two dashing opening attendees. You may recall that Hester gave Victoria and I a personally guided tour round Windsor when we were there in June. If not, you can refresh your memory by revisiting that post here.

The Guildhall, Windsor. Note the “crooked house”
butting up against the Guildhall at left.

The Museum is ‘small but perfectly formed’, with displays of artefacts from the earliest times, including everything from a mammoth’s tooth and mastodon’s tusk to objects and ephemera from before Victorian times up to World War II, the 1950s and the present day. In addition, visitors will find lots of interactive displays and a photo-opportunity to get stuck in the pillory and pelted with fruit and veg (the cuddly sort). And, as Hester is quick to remind me, the opportunity to see the very room in which Prince Charles and Camilla wed (staff availability depending).

The Museum is open Tuesday – Saturday 10 am to 4 pm and on Sundays from 12-4. You can visit the Museum website here, and you can see pictures of the Musuem and part of its collections here.

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  1. This has been such a true labor of love for Hester Davenport and the band of other volunteers who brought this about! Well done, well done!!!

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