Strolling London Streets – Part Two

London streets provide atmosphere galore, as does the Victorian era corner of Mercer Street, below.

Sometimes it feels as though a peek down any street will provide you with a glimpse of something historical or iconic. The photo below shows the award winning and celeb favorite Ivy Restaurant in West Street in the West End on the left and the St. Martin’s Theatre just beyond, where Agatha Christie’s play The Mousetrap has been playing since 1952.

Back to Charing Cross and you’ll find a row of second hand bookshops, including Any Amount of Books and Henry Pordes. Victoria and I have spent many a dusty hour amongst their stacks and enjoyed every moment of it.

And always, there are the pubs. You just about fall over them. Below is the Porcupine in Great Newport Street.

Turn towards Leicester Square and you’ll arrive at the gates to the entrance of London’s Chinatown.

Where I have to admit Brooke and I have enjoyed many a roast duck. Yummmm.

You’ll see Chinese characters at the bottom of the street sign below.

And finally there’s Compton’s in, where else, Old Compton Street. It was once the Swiss Hotel and is currently a mostly gay bar. You can read more about it here. No matter what goes on inside, the outside of the building is quintessentially British, not to mention gorgeous.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our stroll as much as I have!

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