Let's Play Telephone Contest Winner

We’re pleased to announced that the winner of the contest is Louisa Cornell, who submitted the following (most amusing) telephone conversation:
Hello? Maria, dear, I told you never to call me here. I know dearest. I’ll try my best to be home for dinner, but affairs of state and all that, you know. Wait a moment, dear, I’m getting another call. —- Mary! How did you get this number? I mean, aren’t you in rehearsals, dear? No, of course not. Of course there’s not another woman. Who can compare with my lovely Perdita? Tonight? Oh… Uhm … I have another call. Let me call you back. —- Maria, I really need to get to a meeting with – Who? Oh, no of course not, Grace. Maria is my … housekeeper in Brighton. Grace, how did you get this number? What? Tonight? Well, I don’t exactly- I have another call, Grace, dear. You’ll hold? Wonderful. —- Hello? Who is this? Of course this is George! Who else would it be? Oh! Lady Jersey, what a surprise. What? Caroline who? Caroline of Brunswick. I thought you said she looks like a horse and smells like one as well. …. You’ve changed your mind? I see. Well, I am certain the privy council will agree with you. This afternoon? I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing. Getting another call. Let me call you back. — Brummell! You unmitigated ass! I should have known. Who else have you given this number to, you overdressed . . .  All of them? Oh God!
Louisa – Email us off line with your snail mail address and we’ll get your prizes in the post to you!

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