A Walk Through Minster Lovell

On one of our day trips out of London, Greg and I took a train to Oxford and the Cotswolds on a London Walks tour. The day was cold, the ground was covered in snow and the view from the train was obscured by heavy fog. After arriving in Oxford, we boarded a private coach for the village of Minster Lovell, located to the west of Oxford. The village is approached via a bridge over the River Windrush.

Disembarking, we had time to take in the chocolate box cottages with thatched roofs that line the single main road of the village that will probably never make it to an episode of Midsomer Murder, as apart from the charming houses, there is only a pub, a church and a ruin. Narrative here isn’t really necessary . . . . let’s just stroll quietly up the frozen road together and admire the view . . . . . .


Follow me up this road to the ruins of Minster Lovell Hall and St. Kenelm’s Church . . . 
Coming Soon!

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  1. Heaven! Absolutely heaven! The photos made me want to cry. Minster Lovell looks very much like Kelsale where I spent three years of my childhood. My brothers and I never get together that we don't reminisce about those years and that idyllic place.

    Can't wait to see more!

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