Upstairs, Downstairs a Triumph

Well, they’ve done it. They’ve brought back the beloved BBC series and managed to achieve just the right measure of nostalgia and new, delicious storylines that run both upstairs and down. I won’t give away any good bits nor run spoilers for those in the U.S. who won’t see the series until April. I must tell you, however, that Rose’s return to 165 Eaton Place is a tear-jerker thanks in parts to strains of the old theme song being played at appropriately poignant moments, whilst new grand dame Dame Eileen Atkins as Maud, Lady Holland, above, provides sly comedic overtones and spars deliciously with her daughter-in-law, Lady Agnes. UK reviewers are saying there’s too much comedy in this version, that it’s not as deep as the original, but really, they could never remake the original to anyone’s satisfaction, so why try? It’s every bit as good, IMHO, its got me hooked and how much soul searching/character development can you do in three episodes? You can read an article from the Telegraph about the new series here – it includes no spoilers. In short, the new Upstairs, Downstairs is, um, delicious and the only problem I can foresee is how they’re going to wrap everything up in three episodes. No doubt the downside to this new version is that it will leave us all wanting more. I’ve only to wait till tomorrow night for Espisode 2 and shall dutifully report on it here.

Did anyone else in the UK watch Upstairs, Downstairs tonight? Please leave your comments and let me know what you thought of it.

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