Jane Austen in Portland OR

JASNA in Oregon

Victoria here with just time for a moment on line before I attend  the closing event of the 2010 JASNA AGM. It has been a wonderful conference, started off with a day and a half at the Burney Society conference. I’ve heard so many excellent presentations that my head is spinning.  I promise a full report next week, including lots of photos of last night’s Bal Masque, a combination of fabulous regency gowns and men’s apparel with some extremely creative costumes, including the Phantom of the Opera, Bottom from Midsummer Night’s Dream, and many many more.

This is my first visit to Portland, a lovely city, with some excellent restaurants.  Next year JASNA goes to Ft. Worth, TX, and I hope everyone can come.  I will be speaking on Regency Weddings at a pre-conference gala.

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