Street Lights – Royal and Otherwise

Stange to say, I became enchanted with street lights on our tour. I was first charmed by these, above and below, located at Windsor Castle and kitted out tiny crowns.

The two lamps below stand on the Queen’s Walk at the Embankment, south of the River Thames.

I didn’t really get into my streetlight stride until Paris, where I took almost as many photos of lights as I did of birds and the Eiffel Tower – see below. I’m thinking that I might print the streetlamp photos in black and white and frame them and make a grouping to hang on the wall. I’m also thinking that I shouldn’t be trusted with a camera.


2 thoughts on “Street Lights – Royal and Otherwise”

  1. When I was in London last summer, I learned that the crowned streetlamps meant that the Queen was the owner or landlord of the properties. A majority of Regent Street pays the Queen their rent money! Were any of these on Regent Street?

  2. You're right, Victoria – the crowns indicate a Crown Property. None of these were on Regent Street, but rather at Windsor and on the Queen's Walk on the Embankmemt. I suppose they stand outside Buckingham Palace and the Tower, as well. Have been to both places, but never noticed the lamps!

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