Yes, Virginia, There is an Eiffel Tower

Okay, alright, I admit it – the Eiffel Tower exists. And I became as enthralled by it as everyone else, as evidenced by the multitude of photos included here. Brooke and I were allowed only a fleeting glimpse of the Tower during our taxi ride to the hotel. Next day, we boarded one of those hop on, hop off, double decker tourist buses and set off on a tour of Paris. At one point, we rounded a corner and there, in all it’s glory, was the Eiffel Tower. As Brooke remarked, actually seeing it in person, and rather unexpectedly, takes your breath away. These are photos from my camera – and I hardly took any snaps at all, leaving the bulk of that duty to Vicky and Brooke. I can only imagine how many images of the Tower Brooke has on her camera. Without a doubt, we have 360 degree views of the Tower. From every angle. At any time of day or night. Wallpaper anyone? As promised in my previous post concerning the Eiffel Tower, I apologise to the French people for ever doubting it’s existence. 

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  1. Amy – I couldn't believe how many beggars there were in Paris. Vendors and hawkers, but also straight up beggars. And homeless people who looked mildly disturbed camped out directly on the sidewalk on Boulevard St. Germain. Aside from buskers in the tube stations, you almost never see beggars in London, except for the one old guy who is always camped out in front of the Ritz on Piccadilly. But he doesn't accost you when you walk by, which in itself is almost worth whatever amount you give him.

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