Rude Britannia

That’s the name of an exhibition at the Tate Britain and it is lots of fun, a collection of caricatures, cartoons, and all sorts of insulting material — at which the British excel. No one is sage — the church, politicians, the aristocracy, the royals — everyone takes their hits.

Our old friends Cruikshank, Rowlandson, and Gillray are there, as well as some of their predecessors and successors, including some current cartoons about the new PM and the Deputy PM (Cameron and Cleeg), the fumbling of BP executives — but NOT about that World Cup passion everyone seems to have. Who’d dare make fun of that?

Victoria and husband Ed here — relating our day at the Tate then on a London Walks tour of Old Westminster, in which we saw some fascinating things we never knew were there — like a lovely little neighborhood of Georgian houses and cobblestone streets right in the shadow of Parliament and the Abbey. Soon I’ll share some of the pictures I took — and some of the stories David, our guide, told.  We were exhausted after the long walk so we stopped for a quick half-pint at the Westminster Arms — then attended the sung Evensong at the Abbey, something we always enjoy.  The choir is wonderful. And even for heathens like us, it is a calming and relaxing 45 minutes.

We’re about to head out for dinner now — and tomorrow we set off on our adventure to Brussels and Waterloo via the Eurostar.  More soon!

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