What a Reception!

Victoria and I can’t thank you all enough for the warm reception you’ve given the debut of Number One London. We’re dead chuffed. We wanted to thank Jody for suggesting that we add the link to The Proceedings of the Old Bailey online to our Interesting Websites link, which we did immediately. Many thanks as well to Bozzy (aka Sue Ellen Welfonder), Diane Perkins from Risky Regencies and to everyone else who has been championing our blog. Jody’s email also prompted us to clarify and stress that Number One London was created as a site for us all to share, so please feel free to email   your comments, suggestions, guest blogs, pictures, links and, most especially, your on-dits and bits of English nonsense. We truly want you to think of Number One London as home.

6 thoughts on “What a Reception!”

  1. Hi Gorgeous!

    As always – you do know how to throw a party. And I was delighted to help spread word. I'm even more happy to say that I've been hearing wonderful things about Number One London from everyone looking in.

    The buzz is out….

    Again, hats off on a fantastic endeavor. I remain so impressed. And I'm not at all surprised everyone loves you.

    Now back to revisions. I'd much rather be enjoying a pint with you again at Ye Olde Leather Bottle. Big sigh…

    Hugs and kisses!

  2. Diane – It’s a good thing our ballroom is large enough to hold us all. Who knew that so many wonderful people would want to attend our little soiree? Hmmm, we’d better order in more port from Berry Brothers . . . Rebecca, a very warm welcome and thanks for the congratulations. And Nina, yes, haven’t we been busy little madams behind your back? How’s life in the stacks? Kisses back atya, Bozzy. I’m so glad you’re here. Kristine

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